Cape Town Fellowship Day 3 | May 28 2018

Day 3

Day 3 was kicked off with Naadiya Moosaje, who arrived with the tips, tricks, and wisdoms around her journey of social innovation. Any morning sleepiness that lingered in the air was swept away by Naadiya’s amazing storytelling of the trials and tribulations of being a female entrepreneur, in engineering, fashion and the restaurant industry.


She talked about the four types of capital that any entrepreneur needs to successfully start up a mission-driven enterprise, highlighting the importance of community and connection. The fellows had many questions about Naadiya’s experience as an agent of change and were inspired by her honesty and openness. After a quick break, the fellows were invited to address a social innovation challenge which involved picking a local issue from the news’ headlines, breaking down the problem, and then rapid prototyping the solution - all this under 30 minutes! The fellows had to let go of their inhibitions and perfectionism to get ideating, creating, testing! They formed three groups and pitched their 30 minute prototypes on challenging Islamophobia, taxi violence, and linking supporters with resources to those who want to take action. It was great to see what the teams could achieve in just half an hour of messy thoughts, scribbled diagrams, and cut and paste prototypes made out of recycled packaging waste. A great session to get the brain juices flowing for the day and there was still so much more to come...

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After another sumptuous spread prepared by the team, we were introduced to self-proclaimed water maverick and shit-stirrer, Bernelle Verster. The Cape Town Day Zero Water Crisis has been an ongoing topic around the world. With Bernelle’s vast experience as bio process engineer, she led us through as session on what the Cape is going through, seeking a deep understanding of the issue around water sensitivity. Many of the international fellows who weren’t as familiar with the practicalities of the drought were surprised to hear about tactics like water restriction devices on water meters that turn the water supply off once the daily allowance is depleted. Bernelle’s proposal is water-sensitive living, or as she calls it, being AquaSavvy.

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Unpacking this idea revealed more than just water supply and distribution but also overall water consciousness. After establishing and comparing the options, Bernelle appealed to the fellows to weigh in on her current project and debate the pros and cons of dry toilets vs flush toilets. We used a classic UnSchool game of Verbal Fight Club and embodied various perspectives and roles to work through her idea. She was generous enough to have us give rapid feedback in this fun and interactive debate style, and wrote about her experience at the UnSchool.

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Having collectively debated the dry vs flush toilet, the conversation transitioned into a discussion around the bigger issues at play, leading to the need for dry toilets and our ideas around sanitation. Saying goodbye to Bernelle, we then moved downstairs for a reflection session led by Camila, who asked us to reflect on the different ways we’ve been seeing the mentors use unique tactics and tools to navigate complex, challenging systems and make positive and measurable change in the world. With the sun breaking through the welcome rain, we invited the fellows to one last challenge for the day as they were sent off in small groups for dinner. We asked them to try their hand at designing an experience that would help transfer some of the knowledge they’ve learned up to this point to another group of people - peer to peer learning is an accessible and relatable way to engage communities, and we can’t always rely on the bigger system structures in the world. Sometimes you have to dive in there yourself! And with that, we sent them off into the sunset with an early morning ahead for Day 4.

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