Cape Town Fellowship Day 5 | May 30 2018

Day 5

Day 5 quickly jumped into a knowledge-packed day!

As we finished our nourishing breakfast foods, Vuyisa Quabaka, co-founder of Uprise Africa, started his session with a mini networking-style intro by getting everyone in the group to share their professional projects and personal interests. Then Vuyisa continued the networking theme with his tips and tricks for the fellows to leverage their social networks (on and offline!) in an effective and intentional way. We quickly found out why he is one of the top 15 people to follow on social media as he is extremely well connected around the world! Vuyisa gave us the two perspectives on what it is like to be an entrepreneur looking for funding and how it is like to be an angel investor. He shared three different ways to answer the question - how to fund my project? 1) Peer 2 Peer (P2P) 2) Equity Crowdfunding 3) Initial Coin Offering & Bitcoin - which quickly became a hot-topic! The morning ended up with dividing into teams working on what makes an idea investible.


After re-charging with delicious plant-protein Happy Earth People pasta, we kept going with the next big topics: Life Cycle Thinking and Theory of Change. Emma explained the environmental impacts associated with each stage of a product’s life. Clearly deep in thought, the fellows worked through the different stages of products such as a sweater or shoes and we used mapping technique to look at where these products come from, what it takes to produce them, and how they get disposed.


Equipping the fellows for the final challenge, our digital session with Leyla led us all into the Disruptive Design Method (DDM),  and cognitive bias. Her high energy and enthusiasm was what everyone needed after a long day of intense brain activating. Learning with Leyla helped us all to tie together the wide range of framing tools and immersive experiences that we shared during the week.


Before the drum roll to present the final challenge, we had space for free writing reflecting on what new insights and new breakthroughs have happened in these intense few days. The fellows had their pens on a roll as they unlearned the impulse to self-censor and instead jot down their thoughts and streams of consciousness, well past the set activity time. 

IMG_3989 2.jpg

The day did eventually come to an end but the challenge was just getting started as the teams were given their brief for the 24-Hour Design Challenge. Everyone left the room excited and already brainstorming on how to tackle the challenge early tomorrow morning!