JULY 23-27, 2019

KICK Start your PATH to becoming an UnSchool certified educator with our 5-day immersive leadership workshop

LEARN our UNIQUE methodology and approach to cognitive experience design

JOIN Leyla Acaroglu at our beautiful Brain Spa Campus in Portugal!

This 5-day program is designed to support educators while they learn how to facilitate cognitively rich learning experiences and transfer UNSCHOOL core knowledge of systems thinking, sustainability sciences, and design



dr leyla acaroglu unschool founder

Level up and advance your skills in this intensive training with TED speaker, UNEP champion of the Earth and internationally acclaimed sustainability expert Dr. Leyla Acaroglu.

You will uncover your unique leadership flair and have direct one-on-one mentorship for elevating your presentation, facilitation and communication skills. This is for people who have already established their professional career in making a positive impact and have advanced knowledge in their domain and want to rapidly level up in systems and sustainability change along with emerge their leadership role.

Utilizing Leyla’s unique experience in given over 30,000 hours of public instruction and her deep knowledge of human engagement, you will be guided through a discovering, establishment and advancement process for you own capacity building.

This is next level leadership training for creative change makers and offers the opportunity to be directly involved with the UnSchool in a facilitation capacity.

Benefits of being certified as an UnSchool EducatoR

cape town

This hands-on program runs through the cognitive and experiential design tools for hyper-engaging workshops and educative processes, uncovers the unique UnSchool pedagogical approach, and enables participators to practice their facilitating skills with a group of supportive peers.

If you get certified, then you are enabled to use UnSchool content, in line with our brand guidelines and playbook. You can run programs independently and also be hired by the UnSchool to lead facilitation of our programs. Furthermore, we will add you to our directory of certified educators with access to external workshops and speaking opportunities. The degree of your involvement is up to you; we will send offers and opportunities out to certified people, and you will then be able to respond where the opportunity fits. In some cases, we will commission you directly to run programs for us.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to facilitate change in creative and dynamic ways?

We are finally able to share our deep knowledge and experience in facilitating incredible workshops, teaching in our experiential pedagogical way, activating people to think in systems, and teaching the Disruptive Design Method.

Our Educator Training is designed for people who want to advance their existing facilitation skills or learn to design and lead experiential educative experiences.



This intensive five-day workshop is a perfect kickstart program for anyone wanting to track to Educator in our certification. Upon completion of the program’s, you will gain 25 points to apply to your learning journey to track to UnSchool certification.

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Dr. Leyla Acaroglu is recognized internationally as a leading expert in disruptive design, sustainability and education. Leyla has a PhD in disruptive design for social and environmental change. In addition to being a TED speaker, Leyla is a well seasoned and respected author, award winning designer, activator and educator. She started the award winning, multi-disciplinary design studio Eco Innovators in 2009, which has become a leading provider of unique educational resources for design thinking through sustainability. Leyla is the founder of The Un-School of Disruptive Design, pioneering social and environmental change by and through design. Her work spans across a variety of locations, fields and mediums. Leyla is driven by her strong desire to effect, create, and see positive pro-sustainability change in the world as a sustainability strategist, designer and social change agent.


UnSchool pedagogical framework

How to teach systems thinking, sustainability, and creative ideation

The principles of experiential education

Gamified experience design

Cognitive science and designing experiences to maximize learning

How to design learning arcs that affect change

Respectful and empathetic facilitation practices

Participatory design

Understanding and working with humans


Food is part of our philosophy for making change. Organic, fresh, locally produced, lovely prepared, shared and celebrated.

Our vegetable-centric approach to nourishment inspires creative, colourful and delicious shared meals for all.

Our custom built outdoor BBQ and pizza oven area uses traditional building techniques and run on scavenged wood from the grove. A marble prep table was found buried on the property and restored to use for this outdoor kitchen. 

A long front area serves as communal outdoor dining space, along with various pockets for quiet meals by yourself, as you wish. Currently stone, we will be building out a large patio next to a natural swimming pool. The dining area looks out over the olive grove, a serene place to watch the sky turn pink as it sets.

All your meals at the retreat space are included in your program costs, and are often made right from our own vegetable garden along with local markets.


Held on our sister site project, the beautiful rural retreat facility in Central Portugal at the CO Farm Brain Spa campus, you will experience the tranquil beauty of our 200 year old olive farm. 


Optional evening before arrival for a more relaxing start

Day 1 // UnSchool Pedagogy and Disruptive Design Method with focus on systems thinking // July 23rd
9-11am Arrival on farm
11am - 12.30pm Introduction session
1pm - 1.30pm Farm lunch
2pm - 6pm Afternoon & evening session (with break)
8pm Farm dinner

Day 2 // Experiential Education, Human Engagement and Learning Arc Design  // July 24th
Breakfast 9.30-10am
10am - 12pm Morning knowledge building session
12-2pm Farm lunch
2-7pm Afternoon session and then activities & free time until dinner
7-8.30 Dinner & post-dinner fireside chat

Day 3 // Facilitation Training Leadership and Communication advancement // July 25th
Breakfast  9.30
10am Morning session
1-2pm Farm lunch
2 - 6pm Afternoon session
8pm Farm Dinner 

Day 4 //  Applied learning, learning arc developing and experience design // July 26th
Breakfast  9.30
10am  Morning session
1-3pm Farm lunch and then afternoon reflection time
3-6pm Afternoon session
8pm Farm dinner 

Day 5 // Application and continued learning // July 27th
9.30-10.30am Breakfast and room pack up
10.30am - 12.30pm Morning session
12.30-1.30pm Farm lunch
1.30-3pm Afternoon session
3-4pm Close and pack up with transport to the train station 


We have on site accommodation as part of our Portugal Campus development. Once you are accepted, you will be sent accommodation options to select and pay for your accommodation type (shared or private room on the farm) or you can opt to stay locally.

Our beautiful 100 year old farm house is restored and ready for your stay!



ThIS program is relevant for any industry and professional background.

The experience is designed for people specifically interested in positive impact and creative change making. Our growing global community of 350+ UnSchool Alumni come from over 39 countries. The only requirement is that you have a burning passion and desire to actively participate in leading positive change! We help you do the rest. The UnSchool is for creative rebels and change makers. 

What's on the menu for this program?

  • 5 full days of intensive direction knowledge transfer

  • Beautiful relaxing natural environemtn for effective learning and brain rejuvination 

  • Online course preparation pack with 3 months of post program access from our online school

  • Nutritious vegetable-centric food and local wine throughout the program

  • Downloadable versions of all of Leyla’s handbooks and 3 of the toolkits for activating creative change and facilitation

  • Direct experience with cognitive sciences and human experience design

  • Communication techniques and creative ways of engaging participants, presence and confidence building

  • Personal development in language, communication and articulation, interpersonal communication and facilitation

  • Creative change making in practice

  • A wonderful community of likeminded change makers


The program cost is $1400USD for the 5-day program, depending on your accommodation selection. This includes accommodation, food and wine, lots of coffee and tea, access to an online learning preparation and post program continued learning pack through courses. A book pack is also provided through the program. 

Places are very limited as this is a personalized and intensive learning program. Choice of accommodation type (private or shared) is first-come, first-served. Apply now and complete the information form so we can prepare for your learning journey.

scholarships and payment plans

As part of our effort to make our programs equitable, we offer both partial scholarships and payment plans. Our limited number of scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated need. We fund these to promote equitable access to our programs. Please help us build change by only applying for a scholarship if you have clear need and have no other way of raising the tuition costs. 

Since we started our immersive educative programs in 2015, we have given +40 recipients over $120K of scholarships to our programs.

Please read out policy of on equity access and scholarships. 

Not ready TO JOIN US at this program?

Take a course in Systems Thinking, Sustainable Design, Circular Economy and much more at our online school. Get ready for the next level!