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Instalment Plan for Disruptive Design + Activating Change Workshop
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In the Tomar (about a 20min drive) & Serra (about a 5min drive) area, there are several Airbnbs, as well as at the Vila Nova hostel, located next to our local lake. You can check availability on their website here. The location of the farm is here - please note the roads are very winding rural roads with no sidewalk (but very little traffic). Check our blog posting for more on local accommodation.

Accommodation on the farm is arranged through our CoProject Brain Spa. We have a select amount of private and shared rooms available, and can be booked separately on a first come first served basis.

Rooms on the farm are 120 Euro per night for a private room and 60 Euro per night for a shared room. Please email to get a spot on the farm.

Looking to get fired up before coming to the workshop? Check out our online school for short and long courses, as well as certification tracks for Practitioners, UnMasters and Educators (great add-on for the Educator Training workshop!)