Our goal is to lead by example and to create a case study for positive change.


The UnSchool of Disruptive Design, Disrupt Design and the CO Project are established on three main principles of systems change, active sustainability and creative design for supporting positive and significant change for a future that works better for all of us. Our mission is to make, demonstrate and share and activate leadership for creative and sustainable change.  

We embrace the opportunity to take ownership of the decisions we make to actively reduce our impact on social and environmental systems that surround us.

For us, to live and work sustainability is necessary to live and work ethically.

We are committed to activating and expanding global sustainability goals, and sharing knowledge and tools through hands-on application of sustainability in our lives and communities.

Our hope is that our case study is replicated, copied, borrowed from across the planet to scale up creative, systemic, and well-designed sustainability in action.





Minimize our environmental footprint through sustainable management of our resources including land, water, energy, materials, cultural heritage and biodiversity.

Conduct activities to avoid, minimize or mitigate negative environmental, social and economic impacts,  and to maximize positive impacts. We bulk buy to reduce packaging, always use reusable shopping bags and purchase the highest level of recycled content products as possible (such as for paper or office products). When our staff and team have to travel we purchase carbon offsets, opt for lower carbon transport options where possible. We support digital platforms (like video conferencing, and digital production) to reduce carbon emissions.

Aim towards post-disposability in our operations by reducing consumption and increasing reuse. We go beyond recycling in our approach to waste management, and where possible we compost all organic materials, reduce and reuse before recycling, and are actively working towards zero waste where possible. What we do use we make sure is actually recyclable in the system we are in and ensure that all recycling is done correctly.

We only offer vegetable-centric, locally sourced meals to reduce carbon and land use impacts from meat production.

Advance the circular economy by incorporating circular design approaches and skills for sustainability in our facility design,  programming and practices.

Engage actively with staff, learners, contractors, suppliers, and community organizations to build their environmental sustainability capabilities to contribute positively to the environment.

Support local communities through measures such as locally sourcing goods and services, and employing local people.

Prioritize accessibility to our programs through equity access scholarships or through our volunteer opportunities based on value exchanges.

Foster open and respectful dialogue between local communities and international visitors.

Respect and appreciate diversity of and differences in ethnicity, Indigenous origin or heritage, age, gender, beliefs, language, sexual orientation, education, nationality, social background and culture or other personal characteristics.

Embrace our own learning and work to continually improve our performance. As people who both lead and follow, in both roles, we commit to identifying opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. We realize mistakes are part of the process and how we create our best work, and we welcome and offer caring constructive critique and feedback so that we continue to learn and evolve.

We acknowledge our power and privilege and the responsibility that comes with it. We create an inclusive, participatory environment with reciprocal, open communication.

We prioritize working with other organisations that have advanced environmental policies and seek out best practice products and services.

We focus on sourcing products and services from local providers with emphasis on organic and sustainably motivated producers.

When we decide to produce products ourselves we only work with producers who have a high environmental standards and offer recycled content, alternative energy production systems and low impact manufacturing.



The UnSchool IS committed to providing accessible programs and tools to our change-maker communities around the world


We work hard to balance providing reduced tuition for our programs, offering open source tools & resources, and generating enough revenue to maintain and innovate our programs.

As a socially motivated business, we operate on a lean budget and work hard to distribute our resources to support our applicants in highest need.

Between 2015-2018 we have given +40 recipients over $120K of scholarships to our programs.

Our tuition support primarily comes in the form of need-demonstrated partial scholarships to make programs more accessible. We offer limited full scholarships to community members who would otherwise be unable to attend a program at all.

If you would like to apply for a partial or full scholarship, please fill out an application here.

We encourage everyone to apply for scholarships if they feel that they would not be able to access programs otherwise. We are always working towards removing financial, physical, language and time barriers by offering scholarships, diverse international program locations, and online education and free content in a growing number of languages.

As you consider the program and whether to request a scholarship or not, please take into consideration the following prompts. We actively encourage everyone to creatively raise money as both an up-skilling activity, and a way to reach out and develop personal networks in order to further advance positive change making activities.

Have you had some/many opportunities for advancing your learning already?

If you are requesting a scholarship because you have already invested in a higher degree program or other programming, you may not be eligible as consideration will go to those who have not had the opportunity for advanced programming.

Do you have resources or networks that you could catalyze for tuition support?

If so, please reach out to creatively raise funds from your personal networks so we may utilize our scholarships for applicants who do not have such opportunities.

Have you reached out to your employer to request professional development reimbursement?

If not, please do so before submitting a scholarship request. We have had many of our participants successfully gain financial support from their employers, but only after they have asked!

Have you considered creative ways of sourcing funds?

We’ve had former fellows do trades in the form of workshop hours at local institutions and businesses, run crowdfunding campaigns, and develop products or services to sell.

Creativity is at the core of what we do, and we encourage all our participants to come up with alternative options for discovering resources!


If you are in a position to contribute to providing support and access for the UnSchool to grow in this capacity, we are open to collaborations and would love to hear from you. In the past, this has taken place as fellow sponsorships from various organizations, program placement trades, and product exchanges. Contact us to discuss sponsorship or collaborations!




Your program fee helps us make more change. Many of our programs are run on the CO Project Farm by the UnSchool Association, a not-for-profit organization focused on advancing leadership for a sustainable and regenerative future.

Your program payment not only covers the expenses of running the program (such as food, accommodation, facilitators, materials), but it also helps us build forward, to add more programs and projects, and to offer scholarship assistance as part of our equity access policy.

As such, payments are due up front in full within 30 days of your program to secure your place.  Scholarship and payments plans are available as needed and can be requested via email.

We accept payments through our website using a secure online booking service. We can also receive direct deposits by request only into our association bank account although there is a small 5% processing fee for direct deposits.


We understand unexpected things can arise from time to time and a cancellation may have to occur.  We offer refunds that are designed to accommodate your needs with consideration to the feasibility of rebooking your spot and potential loss to program revenue.

  • Within 48 hours of booking receive a 100% refund.

  • Within 30 days of the program start date receive a full refund minus a 15% processing fee.

  • Within 29 days to 14 days of the program start date receive a 50% refund.

  • Within 14 days of the program start date is not eligible for any refund.

All refunds will be processed within 30 days of cancellation. Refunds will be returned to the credit card used during the payment process or by other means as determined by the method of payment.

If we have to cancel the program from our side for whatever reason, we will fully refund you within 30 days or offer a swap to another course.
We cannot be held liable for any third-party costs, such as travel bookings or accommodation.